Company Profile

Iconics Aluplast India Pvt Ltd is an industry specialist in the manufacture and design of customized and unique bottle closures. Our products ace in terms of quality, style, and durability. We take pride in the fact that we have over 12 years of experience in manufacturing and delivering world-class closures across the globe.


The core values of our company are aligned with the principals of integrity and value-added services. We believe in ethical business practices that help our clients grow. We aim to be in a mutually benefitting situation with our valued customers. We wish to maximize and sustain our client’s growth by consistently providing quality closures.

We service across Perfume, Attar, Cosmetic & Pharmaceutical Industries. Our closures are made of high-quality durable materials made to last right from manufacturing, packaging, transportation up to consumption.

Years of experience in the industry and a legion of happy clients to back our services, we aim to grow and continue to amplify our service and products.

We are consistently investing in research and development to continually improve and come up with new designs that will be game-changers for the closure industry.

Our bestseller products that we take immense pride in are:
  • Perfume Closures
  • Attar Closures
  • Cosmetic Products Closures
  • Pharmaceutical Closures
  • Aluminium Bottles
  • Oil Closures
  • Dropper Closures

For closures, we offer products that are highly durable and ace in quality standards. Closures are manufactured in a high-speed processing line using cutting edge technology.

The various types of Closures we offer are Aluminum, Plastic, Magnetic, Surlyn, UV, ROPP, Long, and many more.


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